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My goal is to answer your questions and help solve your overwhelming debt problems, particularly credit card debt. With more than 20 years of bankruptcy experience, I am able to assess your financial situation and recommend a course of action if you seek relief from debt. I work directly with my clients and I believe they obtain peace of mind knowing their debt situation is being handled by an experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. 

My goal also in representing you is to get the best possible result, with the minimum of expense, burden and expenditure of time as possible.  My clients generally lead very busy lives and struggle to make ends meet while meeting the responsibilities of family, spouses and employers.  A good bankruptcy attorney chooses his battles wisely while fighting for your interests in a bankruptcy case.  There are often times during a bankruptcy case when a dispute arises between you and a creditor.  For example, your mortgage company has claimed in your Chapter 13 case that you are six (6) months behind on your mortgage payments.  You agree with that, but you do not think it's fair that you have to pay thousands of additional dollars to the mortgage company's attorney.  In circumstances like that, I will scrutinize carefully any claims against you that may be challenged or at least reduced.  I do not believe that if you are behind on your mortgage payments due to loss of income, divorce, downsizing or unemployment, that that should result in a windfall for the bank's attorneys.  The bottom line is that I serve you, the client; that is what I am hired to do, and that is what I strive to do.

If you are struggling with debt and would like more information on bankruptcy and how bankruptcy can help you get rid of debt, I am here to help. The initial consultation is free and together we will formulate a plan to determine if bankruptcy is right for you. I offer personal attention and my rates are reasonable. Contact my office today online or by telephone at 585-546-7410 to speak with an experienced New York bankruptcy attorney.    

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