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For many people struggling financially in Rochester and Western New York, the possibility of losing their home through foreclosure has had a devastating impact on their life and their family's well being.  Many people in this situation who have been served with foreclosure papers, still think they can work things out with the bank directly, only to find that the attorneys for the bank have scheduled a sale date.

If you are served with a package of papers that contains a notice that says:


you need to believe what it says and act quickly to save your home.  It is important to remember that even if a foreclosure case has been started, it is not too late to keep your home. The filing of a Bankruptcy petition will stop a pending foreclosure proceeding.  You are given some “breathing room” to find a solution within the context of your bankruptcy case. I have helped many, many hardworking people and families over the past 20 years who have found themselves in financial trouble due to corporate downsizing, full or partial layoffs, illness, divorce or unforeseen expenses. I can help you get the financial breathing space that you may need to save your home.

 We Can Stop Foreclosure

The Law Office of Ronald S. Goldman can stop a foreclosure at any time up to the moment of the foreclosure sale upon the Courthouse steps.

If you are a homeowner, I can help you file for bankruptcy, stopping foreclosure, stopping repossession, stopping wage garnishment and putting an end to creditor harassment immediately.

Emergency Filings Available

It is not uncommon today for homeowners in default on their mortgage obligations to still be talking to their mortgage company about loan modifications or other ways to save their homes even after foreclosure cases have been filed. I have heard of cases where homeowners have been led to believe by the mortgage company that something could be worked out to prevent a foreclosure sale.  Homeowners spend a lot of time filling out detailed forms regarding their income and expenses, sending the forms to the Mortgage Company, then only to hear that the forms were lost, incomplete, or the modification application was "still under review." All the while, the foreclosure case is pending, the mortgage payment is not being accepted by the lender and the number of missed mortgage payments goes up and up. Then, you receive a Notice of Sale from the lender's attorney setting a sale date in the next several weeks and you don't know what to do.  You call the mortgage company and they give you the same run around.  The forms are lost, your file has been transferred to another representative or still under review.  You leave voice mails that don't get returned and you still don't know what to do.  You want to save your house if possible. All the while, the sale date is getting closer and closer. Finally, if you hear at all from the mortgage company, they tell you a couple days before the sale that your mortgage modification has been rejected and that they are going forward with the sale. If you want to save your home from foreclosure, you have an emergency situation.  If you are to file for bankruptcy for the purpose of saving your home, you must have your case filed electronically prior to the date and time of the foreclosure sale.  Foreclosure sale notices have very definite dates and times, for example, April 18, 2012 at 9:00 A.M. at the Office of the Monroe County Clerk.  If you file your bankruptcy case at 8:59 A.M., the sale will get canceled.  If you wait until 9:01 A.M. it is too late.

Normally, if you contact my office and you retain me to file bankruptcy at least 24 hours before the sale date, I can get you into my office in time to stop the foreclosure sale. In an emergency filing situation, before we meet at my office, I will tell you what documents and fees you need to bring to my office to file your case.  If you have filed for Bankruptcy in the past, it is possible that the foreclosure sale will not get canceled. I check my e-mails and phone messages several times a day, even on weekends, and in emergency situations, I will meet you at my office on weekends to file a bankruptcy case.  Bankruptcy cases are filed electronically with the Court and can be filed seven days a week, 24 hours per day. The actual bankruptcy filing is done electronically at my office and the filing can stop foreclosure, even if the case is filed on a Saturday or Sunday.

Waiting to the last minute to stop a foreclosure is never a good idea and no attorney can guarantee that you can gather all the documents you need and fulfill the pre-filing credit counseling requirement in order to file.  Nonetheless, if you are in this situation, contact my office by telephone at (585) 546-7410 and I will let you know if a solution can be found.

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